Q: Is there a law against putting signs along the roadway for graduation parties, political candidates and advertising?

A: You are not allowed to place signs for graduation parties, political purposes and advertising on the road right of way. You would need to place them on private property with permission from the landowner.

Highway rights of way include driving lanes, inside and outside shoulders, ditches and sight corners at intersections. All state, county, city and township roads and highways fall under the same state law.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is required to remove unlawfully placed signs and impound them at a local maintenance truck station. Civil penalties also may apply if the placement of signage contributes to a motor vehicle crash.

If you have more questions, contact the appropriate local highway department, depending on the type of road (state, county or city.) This would also be the place to contact if local authorities or technicians removed your signs by pickup.

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The Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act also prohibits placing advertising materials on public utility poles, trees and shrubs, and painting or drawing on rocks or natural features.

As for auction signs, they are allowed but have some requirements under the law.

For information about the proper placement of signs or where to retrieve them, contact your local MnDOT office. Also visit mndot.gov/govrel/rw_signs.html.