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Meth suspect's attorney raises objections in court

The attorney for one of two Hermantown men facing felony drug charges in Carlton County raised issues with the case at a court hearing Wednesday.

Todd Richard Carter, 36, was charged with one count of first-degree possession of a controlled substance on April 21. At a hearing in Carlton County District Court on Wednesday afternoon, his attorney, Keith Shaw, raised issues related to probable cause, suspect statements and search and seizure, according to court records.

Sixth District Judge Robert Macaulay Jr. took the matter under advisement.

The next court appearance for Carter's co-defendant, Thomas Jon Rodne, 42, is scheduled in July. He is charged with one count of obstructing the legal process in addition to the first-degree count of possession of a controlled substance.

According to court documents in the case, a Carlton County sheriff's investigator stopped the car the two men were in for an equipment violation on northbound Interstate 35 on April 19. The men gave conflicting stories as to what they were doing that evening.

As more officers arrived, Rodne became physically obstructive and had to be handcuffed. A search found Rodne was carrying a plastic bag containing 111 grams of methamphetamine -- more than four times the 25-gram threshold for a first-degree drug charge.

According to the criminal complaint, Carter was also taken into custody and later told investigators he and Rodne had gone that day to St. Paul, where Rodne purchased an unspecified amount of meth. Carter also said he had driven Rodne to the Twin Cities area on a previous occasion for the same purpose.

A search of Minnesota court records found 18 cases containing 30 counts for Carter and 13 cases containing 31 counts for Rodne.