Cloquet Police Department issues advisory for wrong-way traffic on Eighth Street

With reports of wrong-way traffic on Eighth street, which is one way, the Cloquet Police Department has asked for the community’s support to follow traffic laws.

(Jamey Malcomb / File / Pine Journal)

After receiving an increased number of reports of wrong-way drivers on 8th Street, the Cloquet Police Department has issued a traffic advisory for the street and plans to have directed patrols in the area.

In a news release sent Monday, Oct. 25, the department stated it has seen an uptick in reports over the last four to six weeks. Eighth Street is one way between Carlton and Cloquet avenues, allowing northbound travel.

Police Chief Derek Randall said he had received lots of complaints from Cloquet residents in the area about drivers going the wrong way.

The corner of Eighth Street and Cloquet Avenue is the new location for Pedro’s Grill and Cantina , and Randall said the increased traffic for the business and people looking for a parking spot could be a cause of the issue.

"More people are going to the neighborhood to eat," he said. "They don't realize (they are going the wrong way) until it is too late."


With parking on both sides of the street, Randall said it makes it difficult for traffic to pass in both directions, and asks for the community’s support in following traffic laws to prevent any crashes.

The department reached out to the city to see if the street could be changed to a two-way street, but city engineers said it would not be possible due to how narrow it is.

The issue has been present on the Cloquet Neighbors Facebook page , where posters expressed their concerns about near misses while driving down the street.

Randall hopes as time goes on people will become aware that Eighth Street is a one-way street. In the meantime, the department's patrols will look into the area to see how big of an issue it is, and if changes to signage are needed.

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