Cloquet, Carlton boards discuss collaboration possibilities

Superintendents, board chairs start conversation

Cloquet and Carlton’s superintendents and school board chairs held the meeting that transpired out of a request from Carlton Superintendent Gwen Carman to talk with Cloquet about potential ways the two districts could share services.

Cloquet Superintendent Michael Cary had previously communicated to Carmen that the board is not interested in discussing consolidation.

The meeting mostly entailed gauging each other’s positions and setting a pathway for discussion as the Carlton School Board discusses the next best step for its district and students, Cary said during the board meeting Monday, August 8.

“It was really just to test the waters and see where we're at and see if we would be willing to talk,” Cary said.

Cloquet School Board Chair Ted Lammi said nothing was decided or agreed upon during the conversation between the two schools.


“I feel like I learned a lot in talking to Carlton and understanding their position,” Lammi said. “We want to help.”

Cary reminded the board that before any decisions are made regarding collaborations between the two districts, a detailed proposal would first be presented to the board.

“Then in the end what we'd have to do is make sure it's a good fit for them and a good fit for us before we'd ever agree to anything,” Cary said.

Carlton School Board Chair LaRae Lehto also attended the meeting.

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