A simplified login experience for your news

We heard your feedback and have been working to simplify your news login experience. Now, you'll experience fewer disruptions when accessing your local news or any of our more than 20 news sites, e-papers and apps.


The rapidly evolving news cycle of the past year has made accessing news digitally and getting updates in real-time more important than ever. As more and more of you have turned to digital channels like our website, e-paper and mobile apps for their news, we’ve appreciated hearing feedback on what’s been working well and where you’ve felt like we could improve. Hands down, the most consistent piece of feedback we’ve received from readers in recent months has surrounded our login experience.

We heard your feedback loud and clear: you want to read the news without being required to log in on each visit. While this seems like a simple task, the increase in privacy and protection procedures being implemented by web browsers -- while great for consumer privacy -- have presented some challenges in allowing our technology to recognize site readers during each visit.

Our technology teams have been hard at work coming up with a login solution that allows you to maintain your privacy while also minimizing frustration in the number of times you’re asked to log in. We’re happy to report that we now have an enhanced login experience across our entire network of news sites, which offers two major improvements in how you can access your news.

First, our new login experience will be better at remembering you when you return to the site using the same device and browser as your last visit (permitting you’re not browsing in private mode). While you may be asked to log in again when you switch browsers, access from a new device or click on an article from a social media channel, the new login experience retains your information longer so you’ll experience fewer disruptions when trying to access your news.

Additionally, our new login also offers a single sign-on experience for our entire news network, which means after logging in once to any of the Forum Communications news websites, you can visit all the sites within our network without being asked to log in again. In other words, you can access more than 20 of our news sites, e-papers and apps with your same set of login credentials, without re-entering them from one site to the next.


We hope these enhancements help you access the news you need in your preferred format even more quickly and easily at a time when staying informed is more critical than it’s ever been. If you have any feedback on the new login experience or regarding our digital products in general, please feel free to share that with us at our Help Center .

Thank you for your continued patience as we’ve worked to improve your digital experience.

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