One more person has tested positive for COVID-19 in St. Louis County, bringing the number of cases confirmed through lab-based testing to 110 on Saturday, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

No new cases were reported in Carlton and Itasca counties. The Health Department is still reporting only one case in Lake County and zero cases in Cook County.

Statewide, 19,845 people have tested positive and 13,485 of them no longer need to be isolated, not including deaths. Of the people who have tested positive, 63% of them live in private residences, nearly 14% live in long-term care facilities. The residence is unknown for more than 20% of positive cases.

In Minnesota, the most diagnoses have been given to people in the 30-39 age group with 3,981 cases. That's followed by the 20-29 age group with 3,580 cases; 40-49 with 3,124; 50-59 with 2,942; 60-69 with 1,855; 6-19 with 1,260; 70-79 with 1,115; 80-89 with 1,032; 90-99 with 597; 0-5 with 318; and 100+ with 34.

In its daily update, the Health Department reported the completion of 8,522 more diagnostic tests across the state and a total of 847 new cases.

On Saturday, 568 people were hospitalized and 215 of them were in an intensive care unit.

The Health Department reported 10 more deaths in Minnesota, bringing the total to 852. Eight of those fatalities were people living in long-term care facilities. No new deaths were reported in the Northland.

Statewide, the highest number of deaths have been in the 80-89 age group with 288 deaths. That's followed by the 90-99 age group with 219; 70-79 with 178; 60-69 with 98; 50-59 with 42; 100+ with 15; 40-49 with eight; and 30-39 with four. No one younger has died from COVID-19-related causes in Minnesota, according to the Health Department.