The level of Lake Superior rose nearly an inch in March, a month the big lake usually drops a half inch, thanks to wetter than normal conditions.

The International Lake Superior Board of Control reported Friday that Lake Superior is now less than an inch below its all-time record high water level for early April.

Lake Superior now sits 14 inches above the long-term average for April and is 1.6 inches higher than on April 1, 2019.

Meanwhile Lakes Huron-Michigan have now set a new record for the start of April, a full 4 inches above the previous record set in 1986. The lakes are now 37 inches above normal and 16 inches above the April 1 level in 2019.

Hydrologists warn that continued high water coupled with wet weather will mean continued problems of erosion and damage along the lakes’ shorelines, especially during high wind events. Not only are more monthly record high water marks expected this year, but all-time records could fall. That would likely occur in September or early October when the lakes reach their usual seasonal peaks.