Washington Elementary artist-in-residence Chris Lutter-Gardella strummed his guitar and sang an improvised tune about the importance of listening to teachers as third-graders filed into a classroom for an art session Monday, May 20.

Compas Arts, a booking agency in St. Paul, paired Chris Lutter-Gardella, a public-performance artist, with the Cloquet school for three weeks during which Lutter-Gardella meets with each of the four third-grade classes each day he's at the school.

Lutter-Gardella has been giving students a lesson on ecology as they create larger-than-life bees and flowers for a public performance Tuesday, May 28, at 1 p.m. Students will parade around the sidewalk parallel to the building while onlookers watch from the classroom windows.

"We are exploring ways of making art through the interdependence in ecology," Lutter-Gardella said of the pollination-themed project. "Themes are a great for kids this age to rally around."

Lutter-Gardella and the students have also been composing a song about pollination to accompany the performance.

The residency is paid for using funds from the Clean Water and Land Legacy Amendment.