Cloquet High School auditorium renovations are nearly complete, with the exception of a few finishing touches, and the updates feature a range of fresh amenities.

"The auditorium is pretty darn cool," Assistant Principal Tim Prosen said during the School Board meeting Monday, April 1. "For the same shell of a building, it's pretty nice."

The renovation is technically complete, according to the state of Minnesota's standards, said John Justad, owner of 20/20 Theatrical and consultant to the school during the renovations. Upon returning from spring break Tuesday, April 2, students participating in the spring play were able to rehearse in the newly renovated auditorium for the first time.

The spring play, "Clue," is set to start performances the first week in May. Audience members can enjoy new lighting, carpet and seats as well as acoustic diffusers on the brick walls, a new sound system, stage rigging and a sound shell ceiling over the stage.

"That way the sound goes out over the audience instead of hovering above the stage," Justad said.

A lighting truss, or a structure used to hang lights from, will be installed at a later date to better light the new stage extension.

"They (theater director and participants) know that they're not going to have the strongest lighting position in the first go-around on that extension," Cloquet Superintendent Michael Cary said at the board meeting. "So they know to plan for that and then we'll add that truss over the summer."