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Oldenburg House marks reopening with jazz

The Oldenburg House, a grand bed and breakfast and events center at 604 Chestnut Ave. in Carlton, is reopening and will mark the occasion during Carlton Daze with an outdoor performance and open house Sunday from 11:30 a.m. until the parade starts, and two evening jazz concerts in the Carlton Room that are both sold out.

Disappointed? Don’t worry. New owners Glenn and Emily Swanson — who bought the house from Glenn’s mom, Helen — said they have invited the same performers to return to the Oldenburg House again for shows the weekend of Aug. 18-19.

In addition, Emily said there will be a jazz playground at 11 a.m. Saturday morning, a sort of jazz workshop for kids and the curious.

“We’re encouraging parents to bring their children so they get introduced to the art form or language of jazz,” Glenn said, explaining that they plan to hold future events for the public under the auspices of their non-profit, Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community.

Glenn and Emily live with Helen in the three-story home that’s been in the family since 1968.

“We plan to have music one weekend a month,” said Glenn, who has played with various jazz bands and as a session drummer. “Blues, jazz, we’ll serve a little dinner. Musicians I have worked with in the past allow me the opportunity to bring world class players up here to play and relax. In fact, half the tickets we sold are people from Minneapolis coming up here.”

Built in 1894, the Oldenburg Home is on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to offering B&B rooms and music concerts, the Swansons will also make the home available for weddings and other events.