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Library celebrates Week of the Young Child

Children and their caregivers participate in the Toddler Dance Party held recently at the Cloquet Public Library to celebrate Week of the Young Child. Contributed Photo

The Cloquet Public Library recently celebrated the Week of the Young Child with a Toddler Dance Party for kids ages 1-5 and their caregivers, to show support for informal, lifelong education. At library events like the Toddler Dance Party, the recent Stuffed Animal Sleepover, and weekly storytimes, young children learn and practice the social and intellectual skills that will help them when they begin school. Skills such as:

• Learning how an English-language book works — How are pages turned? How is it held? What direction does the text go? A book is a piece of technology that children need to learn how to use.

• Singing songs — Singing songs is fun for children and helps children get ready to read. Singing breaks words up into smaller sounds and syllables. Children who are aware of syllables and letter sounds learn to read more easily.

• How to act in a group — Children practice skills such as taking turns, listening to directions, and more. These are important skills for children to have in the classroom.

• Learning nursery rhymes such as Hickory, Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, or Two Little Bluebirds, etc. — Nursery rhymes help to build a child's vocabulary. Children who can recite at least eight nursery rhymes by age 4 are better readers at age 8 than children who cannot.

Storytimes will begin again Tuesday, May 2, and Wednesday, May 3, at 10:15 a.m. Families are welcome to pick the day that suits them the best — Tuesday's stories and activities will be very similar to Wednesday's. Storytimes on both days are open to children ages birth to 5 and their caregivers.