Now is not the time to rest on your haunches, Carlton Bulldog supporters, even if the operating levy did pass by a whopping 63 percent just over two weeks ago.

The school district is holding a community dinner and dialogue from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the Four Seasons Sports Complex (90 Chestnut Ave.) in Carlton, for the purpose of discussing the district’s educational and facility needs - and all are invited.

Although she’s thrilled that the operating levy passed, Carlton Superintendent Gwen Carman said the school district was planning to hold this meeting whether it passed or not.

She explained that the district hired a company (Ingensa Inc.) to conduct an educational adequacy and facility assessment, which is underway. They are also looking at how much the school district is spending at each of its two schools and getting staff input regarding how well the facilities are functioning in terms of providing the best education for students. The community is also an integral part of that discovery process.

“We are offering a free meal and childcare, because we want as much input as we can get, including and especially from people who are worried or concerned that the district may be headed in the wrong direction,” Carman said. “Their input is valid too.”

Invitations have been making the rounds of email, snail mail and social media, and tell people the following about the meeting:

“Expect to be enlivened, engaged and to have fun as we share supper, served with consideration for any dietary concern from vegan to carnivore using the Marnita's Table model of Intentional Social Interaction! Dress comfortably and be prepared to learn and share thoughts on the educational and facilities needs of Carlton Public Schools. You are our guest for dinner. There is no charge to participate.”

“It’s going to be very fun and interactive,” Carman said. “People will be seated at tables designed for conversation.”

According to the website (, the idea is to “bring people together across race, class, culture, and other means of self-identity to find common ground on important public policy issues.” The model seeks to ensure that all stakeholders are included in the conversations that affect them.

The dinner will take place on the upper floor of the sports complex.

School district officials ask that people planning to attend please RSVP via e-mail to or call 952-500-0756 so the school district can ensure there is enough food available.

“We are really hoping for a very large turnout,” Carman said. “We want as many people as possible from the school district area to attend.”