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School Board Recognition Week is Feb. 15-19

We in the Cloquet School District want to use the Minnesota’s School Board Recognition Week to recognize and thank our school board members for their outstanding service to our schools and the Cloquet community.

School Board Recognition Week is a time to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our society. Cloquet Public Schools is joining all public school districts across the state to celebrate School Board Recognition Week to honor our local board members for their commitment to Cloquet and its children.

It takes strong schools to build a strong community, and these men devote countless hours to making sure our schools are helping every child learn at a higher level. They make the tough decisions every month and spend many hours studying education issues and regulations in order to provide the kind of accountability our citizens expect.

The key work of school boards is to raise student achievement by:

  • Creating a vision for what the community wants the school district to be and for making student achievement the top priority;

  • Establishing standards for what students will be expected to learn and be able to do;

  • Ensuring progress is measured to be sure the district’s goals are achieved and students are learning at expected levels;

  • Being accountable for their decisions and action by continually tracking and reporting results;

  • Creating a safe, orderly climate where students can learn and teachers can teach;

  • Forming partnerships with others in the community to solve common problems; and

  • Focusing attention on the need for continuous improvement by questioning, refining and revising issues related to student achievement.

School board members give the Cloquet citizens a voice in education decision making. Even though we make a special effort to show our appreciation in February, their contribution is a year-round commitment.

The members serving our district are as follows: Duane Buytaert (chair), Dan Danielson (clerk), Ted Lammi (treasurer), Dave Battaglia, Jim Crowley, and Gary Huard.

Thank you, citizens of Cloquet, and especially thank you to our school board members for all you do to support the broad educational mission of our school district.