A Carlton man has been charged with felony assault after allegedly striking a man over the head with a pool cue at a Scanlon bar last week.

Jackson Robert Radtke, 22, faces two counts of assault in the second degree, one for assault with a dangerous weapon - a pool cue - and the other for the same offense with the addition of inflicting substantial bodily harm.

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The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Thursday, March 20, at the River Inn Bar and Grille in Scanlon. Radtke was reportedly at the bar for the send-off party of a friend who was headed to Iraq.

Witnesses said Radtke was intoxicated and had a negative interaction with the bouncer at the bar earlier in the evening.

Around closing time, Radtke grabbed a pool cue and used the thick end to strike the bouncer over the head, according to court documents. He allegedly then struck a second time, causing a large laceration and breaking the pool cue.

The bouncer was taken to Community Memorial Hospital where doctors said it took some 16 stitches to close the wound. The scalp had been penetrated all the way to the skull.

Radtke allegedly told a Cloquet police officer at the scene that he had "struck a guy inside the bar in self defense."

Witnesses, however, said Radtke struck the man from behind.

Several other men were charged with disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.

If convicted of both charges, Radtke could face up to 17 years in prison and/or $34,000 in fines.