A firefighter/paramedic with the Cloquet Area Fire District left his employment on Thursday, following a television report which said he'd been accused multiple times of sexual misconduct.

The unnamed man had been working with the fire district since 2013, and full-time since 2014, a Cloquet Area Fire District news release said on Thursday — one day after a Fox 21 report uncovered multiple investigations into the man's conduct.

"As a public safety provider, the CAFD takes public trust and employee integrity very seriously," the news release said.

Because the man was investigated but never charged, the accusations did not appear on background checks which had been conducted on the man, the fire district said. The accusations go as far back as 2014, and one of the investigations into the man's behavior involved a minor victim.

The fire district said it was never made aware by authorities that its employee was under investigation, and had been unaware of the man's background prior to the report being televised on Wednesday.

"The employee had no public complaints or disciplinary action on his employment record during his employment with the CAFD," the news release said.

Because the man was never charged, he was not identified in the television report or the fire district news release.