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Marriage Certificates

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in October 2014:

Oct. 2 — Holley Ann Sturgis and Terry Carl Paczynski

Oct. 3 — Kayla Beth Kothenbeutel and Matthew David Ellison

Oct. 4 — Nicholas Adam Mourn and Kathryn Elizabeth Coil

Oct. 4 — Michael Stephen Rohweder and Stacey Anne Hanson

Oct. 4 — Linda Marie Lindquist and Michael Francis Berthiaume

Oct. 4 — Thomas Michael Hammond and Alyssa Joanne Wright

Oct. 5 — Helmi Sophia Grimm and Sven Christopher Johnson

Oct. 11 — Maggie Beth Neudecker and Dustin Cole Wilson

Oct. 11 — Janet Eva McNulty and Tony Dillon Homstad

Oct. 11 — Megan Marie Bisek and Daniel Steven Hoeft

Oct. 17 — Angela Marie Braun and Michael Joseph Vatalaro

Oct. 18 — Cody Michael Price and Whitney Lee Anderson

Oct. 19 — Roger Button Sandstrom and Elisabeth Christine Nersesian

Oct. 23 — Jasmin Lee Bailey and Joshua Jacob Strand Sevilleja

Oct. 24 — Lucas Adam Wiersma and Dana Marilyn Zasadni

Oct. 24 — Jaimie Lee Olson and Thomas Ivan Bellanger III

Oct. 25 — Darren Allen Bailey and Rebecca Joy Chalberg

Oct. 25 — Paul David Kempf and Samantha Lorraine Swenson

Oct. 25 — Jessica Jean Henriquez and Adam Christopher Langhorst