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Marriage certificates filed

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in October 2013:

Oct. 4 - Anthony Jose Montez and Elizabeth Ann Liebenstein

Oct. 5 - Mathias Don Rostollan and Jamie Michelle Ray

Oct. 5 - Joseph Dean Switzer and Michelle Jean Kemper

Oct. 9 - Franklin Donald Strandberg and Carol Jean Strandberg

Oct. 9 - Jared Earl Erickson and Brianna Lynn Kirkvold

Oct. 9 - Kelly Jo Thymian and Mark Andrew Bonitz

Oct. 12 - Charles Vincent Martin and Julia Fay Peyton

Oct. 12 - Jacob Jerome Lantry and Jamie Marie Eskuri

Oct. 13 - Max Thaddeus Dutkin and Michelle Dung Nguyen

Oct. 13 - Jenny Ellen Gilberg and Paula Marie Wilson

Oct. 19 - Dian Michael Hoeffling and Andrea Nicole Johnson

Oct. 20 - Cary Richard Neumann and Nicole Ann Swanson

Oct. 20 - Randy Dean Roberts and Jennifer Joy Clemens

Oct. 22 - Paul Donald Draeger and Karen Patricia Mell

Oct. 26 - Nathan Alan Johnson and Jennifer Sharleen Samuelson

Oct. 26 - Dustin Lee Gamache and Leanne Marie Gittings