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Volunteer Highlight: Colleen Biskey

Do you ever think about your perspective on volunteering, as to why one would, or would not, volunteer? Volunteerism exists in many forms and people volunteer for a variety of reasons. For example, some people volunteer because they feel obligated to do so or maybe they feel current volunteers aren’t doing a good job. Others may volunteer to meet a need, learn a skill, or hang out with friends. For Colleen Biskey, she volunteers simply “to give back to the place I call home.”

Biskey, an individual with many creative talents, has served as a volunteer at the Human Development Center’s Outreach Center in Cloquet for approximately four years. She heard about the need for volunteers at the Outreach Center through several sources — the newspaper, word of mouth, and flyers. She assists with a variety of tasks, from greeting individuals, planning the monthly menu, locating community resources for individuals, to cleaning. Biskey also utilizes her artistic passion and flair to design flyers and the activity calendar for the Center. She enjoys meeting people and knows she can do something to help and make a difference.

Some of Biskey’s other interests include theatre and boxing. She holds a degree in theatre and often participates in local productions. She performed with the County Seat Theater Company, the Rubber Chicken Theatre and The Duluth Playhouse, in addition to other various places in the community. She is also the recipient of several ensemble awards with the County Seat Theater, along with other awards for plays.

Whether at work, volunteering at the Outreach Center or performing on stage, Colleen always endeavors to do what she can, when she can, to the best of her ability.

“My life is abundantly blessed from all the people I have met,” said Biskey.