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Running for Blue House

Male winners of the Blue House 5.5K race are (from left) Paul Elmstrand (first place, 26 minutes, 30 seconds), Jim Ames (second, 26:51) and Xander Shroeder (third, 28:35). Contributed Photo1 / 4
Female winners in the 5.5K Blue House run are (from left) Melissa Schroeder (third place, 38:38), Mary Ames (first, 34:08) and Terry Johnson (second, 34:17). Contributed Photo 2 / 4
Male winners of the 11K Blue House run are (from left) Sam Jacobson (second, 48:58), James Hagerl (first, 48:37) and Kyle Sather (third, 54:26). Contributed Photo 3 / 4
Female winners of the 11K Blue House are (from left) Jennifer DeMartino (third, 1:03:26), Alisha Bradley (first, 58:32), and Karry Tierney (second, 1:00:23). Contributed Photo 4 / 4

Despite overnight rains creating a soggy course, nearly 50 runners turned out for the fourth annual Blue House race at Pine Valley the morning of Sept. 5. Between race fees and donations, organizer Tim Krohn said they raised $1,300 for the Blue House orphanage in Uganda, Africa. The Blue House orphanage is home to 30 girls and was founded by Beatrice Gurabanda, a Ugandan woman who fled to Minnesota during the civil war and founded the orphanage after her return.

Krohn started the race after visiting the small orphanage on a trip to Uganda.

"It's an easy way for us common people to contribute to the greater good of humanity," Krohn said. "It's something people here can do to help other people, plus it's good for you too."

Runners could choose between a 5.5K race or an 11K race at the annual Labor Day event.

“The conditions were wet but the temperatures were nice so it was very enjoyable weather for runners,” Krohn said. He added that next year’s race will feature a “Lost Forester” race option, and promised more details next summer.