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Family Fit-N-Fun Day enjoyed by many

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Little tykes had a blast splashing with toys in the water in little plastic pools, while parents sat beside them on the grass watching and smiling.

Siblings drove bikes through the trails marked with chalk lines and mini orange cones, holding on tightly to the handlebars with little chubby hands.

Mother Nature smiled down with a beautiful sunny day for the second annual Family Fit-N-Fun Day Saturday morning at Pinehurst Park.

Many young families came to try their hand at pickleball, various kids games and, of course, the climbing wall provided by the Cloquet National Guard. Several people commented that they were excited to rent the nets from Community Education to enjoy games of pickleball with families during the summer. Pickleball is a cross between tennis and ping pong, but the ball looks like a Wiffle ball and doesn’t bounce as much as a tennis ball, so less time is spent chasing it around.

“Pickleball is not just for retirees,” Cloquet Community Education Director Ruth Reeves said, adding that she was happy with the turnout of about 150 people to the fun-filled event.

Temperatures were already in the 70s when the event began at 10 a.m. and kept climbing, perfect for water games.