The holidays are approaching and your calendar is probably filling up

quickly with family functions, dinner parties, school programs and charitable events. So while you have been busy just trying to keep track of it all, I have created the ultimate wine shopping guide to get you through the season.

People are always asking me my suggestions on what to serve for parties. First off, my answer is always to drink and serve what you like. When hosting a dinner party, it is always best to offer more than one variety of

wine. By having a few wines that are stylistically different you are sure to please your guests.

So the question is what to buy? I have created a fun list of some of my favorites that I hope will make your shopping a little easier. They offer great value as they retail for less than $15 per bottle.

1.) LaVielle Ferme Blanc -- A Rhone blend of viognier, marsanne and roussanne grapes. Pair with savory poultry dishes, thicker fishes, squash, creamy cheeses and apple and pumpkin pie.

2.)Alexander Valley Vineyards Gewurztraminer -- The Gewurztraminer

grape originated in Traminer, Italy, and means "spicy Traminer". This is the ultimate Thanksgiving wine, the perfect accompaniment to turkey, ham, rich sauces (like gravy)and smoked salmon.

3.) Man Vitners Chenin Blanc -- A clean,refreshing South African white wine that is a great aperitif wine to serve with light hors d'oeurves and eggs benedict.

4.) New Age White NV -- A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, the fruity Malvasia served on the rocks with a lime; what can be more fun than that? Don't forget the limes!

5.) A dry rose -- This pairs with everything.

6.) Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau -- Made with the fruity French gamay grape that celebrates the harvest. Serve with earthy dishes, duck, pork, deli meats and cheeses.

7.) Tres Picos Garnacha -- This limitedrelease Spanish wine is great with roasted, grilled and smoked meats, figs and blue cheese, marinated cherries and spicy nuts.

8.) Cono Sur Sustainable Pinot Noir -- Pinot is always a good food pairing. This wine will pair well with chicken, beef, pork, lamb,creamy pasta dishes, quiches and assorted cheeses as well as dark chocolate.

9.) Mas de Gourgonnier -- Served in a traditional Provencial bottle. This organic "bistro" blend has a lot of rustic charm and is great with stews, chili, beef, elk, venison and hearty pasta dishes.

10.) Riondo Prosecco -- Like a classic tux and the perfect little black dress, it goes with everything.