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Wrenshall Referendum Positions District Well for Consolidation or Continued Independence

Some of those opposed to the upcoming Wrenshall school referendum have expressed a desire for consolidation as a reason for their opposition. What may not be recognized is that the current referendum plan positions the district well for future consolidation OR continued independence.

The plan, which was submitted to and approved by the state department of education, was specifically designed with the possibility of a future consolidation in mind. Consolidation between Wrenshall and Carlton has been an on again off again topic for decades. And while it is possible consolidation may happen in the future, it is not imminent. Meanwhile, Wrenshall school has needs that should be addressed now, before costs increase any more.

Without the resources the referendum provides, the school will be forced to make costly, temporary, band-aid approach repairs, taking resources away from educational programming. The end result is fewer educational opportunities for students and more costly repairs in the future. By making the needed repairs and renovations now, the district positions itself well as an attractive partner for any future consolidation, or for its continued independence.

Maintaining a decent school within the community is crucial to the vibrancy of small towns such as Wrenshall. The plan proposed by the community-driven facility committee and approved unanimously by the school board enhances and maintains a strong, safe, and healthy learning environment for our students.

Patrick Riley

Concerned Wrenshall Property Tax Payer

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.