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Vibrancy of Our Communities

My name is Susan Zmyslony, your current county commissioner, and I need your vote on August 14th if we are to continue the progress weve accomplished these past four years.

In running for office, people sometimes like to focus on the negative. They talk about businesses that have closed, and they choose to ignore the economic expansion weve experienced. Small businesses are booming within our county, and with the right, positive direction and leadership, we can continue this growth. We have witnessed the influx of gas stations and convenience stores, a brewery, liquor stores, restaurants, bars, a fitness center, auction centers, and creative design shops, to name just a few examples. Our county is growing, but we need to focus on what works, and not continue to only point out what may have failed, so we can continue our progress.

We are a county that takes pride in the hard work of our people, and the satisfaction we derive when we see this hard work pay off. We are a county that puts our trust in each other, and we take comfort in knowing we are building a better future for the people of Carlton County.

You placed your trust in me four years ago, and Carlton County today stands better than it did four years ago. But I didnt make it happen. You helped make it happen with me. Together over the next four years, I will continue to take the positive steps forward, with your support and assistance, to make Carlton County even stronger, even better, and so I need your vote on August 14th to continue the progress weve made these past four years.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.