NOTICE AND ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION TO TERMINATE TRUST AND DISCHARGE TRUSTEE State of Minnesota County of Carlton District Court Sixth Judicial District Court File No. 09-CV-17-644 In Re: The Special Needs Trust of: Mary Lu Zauhar Petitioner, Stacy Stevens, having filed its Petition for an Order of this Court: 1. Fixing a time and place for the hearing of the Petition and directing the manner of service thereof; 2. Terminating the Trust and discharging Stacy Stevens, as Trustee, from any and all liability in connection with the termination of the Trust and distribution of the remaining Trust assets with such termination being effective upon the filing of this Court’s Order; and 3. Granting such other relief as the Court deems appropriate in this matter. NOW, THEREFORE, on all the files and records herein: IT IS ORDERED, that said matter be heard by the above-named Court at a term thereof to be held via remote hearing, County of Carlton, State of Minnesota, on the 10th day of March, 2022, at 8:48 a.m. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that all persons or parties interested may then and there appear and be heard and that notice of said hearing be given by (1) mailing a copy of this Order at least fifteen (15) days before the date fixed for said hearing to the persons named on Exhibit A of said Petition who have listed a last known address, with said service to be made to last known address; and (2) publishing a copy of this Order one time in a Carlton County Paper at least twenty (20) days before the date fixed for said hearing, and that proof of such mailing and publication be filed herein. No one is required to attend this hearing unless requested by the Court or unless they object to the relief requested in the Petition. Any person or organization who objects to the Court granting the relief requested in the accompanying Petition shall make their objections in writing to the Court on or before the date set for hearing. At the time set for hearing, if the Petition herein is unopposed, the Court will enter into the record the fact that there was no appearance or opposition to the Petition, and that no objection to the Petition has been filed with the Court. Thereupon, the Court shall make its determination on the strength of the pleadings. (Feb. 17, 2022) 32908