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Learn more about how local news works during our inaugural Trust Week, set for April 3-7.
At the Pine Journal, we are honored to share the unique and compelling local stories of our community and work hard to keep you informed. In 2021, we published more than 800 articles sharing the news and stories that matter to you. As we welcome a new year, let’s reflect on some of the top stories from 2021 that connected our community.
Forum Communications Company recently asked subscribers to enroll in EZ Pay. Those who enrolled or who already made use of this automatic payment option were entered to win a selection of prizes. Read more to find out who won.
Forum Communications Company is proud to announce Pierre-Paul Lamoureux will be working with The Rink Live as a project consultant. Lamoureux will work closely with administration and reporters to expand The Rink Live hockey coverage and exceed the expectations of hockey fans.
Featuring over 20 individual podcasts, the FCC Podcast Network has grown to be one of the top podcast networks in the upper Midwest. The network delivers engaging conversation from reputable hosts on a wide array of interests, news topics and more.
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