Jackie Jahfetson

Jackie Jahfetson

News Editor

Jackie Jahfetson is a graduate of Northern Michigan University whose journalism path began in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a freelancer for The Daily Mining Gazette. Her previous roles include editor-in-chief at The North Wind and reporter at The Mining Journal in Marquette, Mich. Raised on a dairy farm, she immediately knew Dickinson would be her first destination west as she focuses on gaining aptitude for ranch life, crop farming and everything agriculture.

Her field of coverage includes rural communities and government, agriculture & ranching and rural education. When not fulfilling deadlines, she is a budding musician and singer.

Readers can reach Jahfetson at 701-456-1211 or jjahfetson@thedickinsonpress.com.

Languages: English

The disappearance of Eric Haider plagued Dickinson for three years. What began as a missing persons investigation, soured by allegations of police indifference and ineptitude, evolved slowly from hopes of a triumphant return to the discovery of his body buried alive. Questions remain on the circumstances surrounding the death of Eric Haider.
A southwestern North Dakota dental practice has started using VELscope, a revolutionary device using LED light sources to identify abnormalities down to the bone. That deep look can help detect problems much earlier than just a glance. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.
An overview of seasonal affective disorder, also commonly known as the "winter blues," from a report from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health and input from Dr. Andrew McLean, who is the Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Department chair at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Richard Bartz walks The Press through the biggest case he worked as a detective for the Dickinson Police Department in the early 1980s.
As the highest natural point in the state of North Dakota, White Butte sits at a 3,506-foot incline. Located in Slope County, the journey to hike White Butte is a scenic route that takes you into the heartland of agriculture.
The Badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park features a variety of exploration options for tourists, including one of the most sought out recreation sports — horseback riding.
Ice fishing is a general sport for outdoors enthusiasts. This season, more numbers of ice anglers are being on the lakes.