Zenith Bookstore, 318 N. Central Ave., offers these book clubs. Call 218-606-1777 or go to

  • Queering Pleasure group meets at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 19 to discuss "Kink" edited by R. O. Kwon. Email and type queering pleasure in the subject line. to register.

  • Chapter & Verse group meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 20 to discuss "Some Places More Than Others" by Renee Watson and "Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away" by Meg Medina. Email and type Chapter & Verse in the subject line to register.


  • Book launch for "Watershed: Attending to Body and Earth in Distress," via Zoom, 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 18. The author, Ranae Lenor Hanson, in conversation with Ruthanne Crapo Kim, Stephen Healey, Amina Keinan and moderator Ulla Nilsen. Hosted by the University of Minnesota Press, and co-sponsored by, the Science & Environmental Health Network, and Transition Town–All St. Anthony Park. Register at
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  • The Arrowhead Library System (ALS) joins libraries throughout the state in announcing the call for entries in this year’s Minnesota Author Project statewide contest for independently-published Young Adult and Adult Fiction. This is the contest’s fourth year. The Minnesota Author Project Communities Create category, introduced last year, is also inviting entries for its second year. Communities Create seeks creative written work by Minnesota organizations and communities. Deadline for all categories: May 31.

Each book that is submitted to the contest must be:

  • Indie-published

  • In an adult fiction or young adult fiction genre

  • Written by a Minnesota resident

  • Available in either ePUB or PDF file

Each book that is submitted to the Communities Create contest must be:

  • Created by a Minnesota-based organization or group

  • A recommended minimum length of 10,000 words or 20 pages

  • Available in either ePub or PDF format

For more information go to for the Adult and Young Adult categories or for the Communities Create category. For free resources to get started and for a link to the Indie Minnesota Collection, visit


Title: "For the Love of Cod: A Father and Son's Search for Norwegian Happiness"

Author: Eric Dregni

Synopsis: Is life in Norway really such a happy place? The author and his son, Eilif, headed there to find out. Arriving in May, a month of festivals and eternal sun, the Dregnis are thrust into Norway at its merriest -- and into the reality of the astronomical cost of living, which forces them to find lodging with friends and relatives. But this given them an inside look at the secrets to a better life. It's not the massive amount of money flowing from the North Sea oil fields but how these funds are distributed that fuels the Norwegian version of democratic socialism -- resulting in miniscule differences between rich and poor. Locals introduce them to the principles of underlying their avowed contentment, from an active environmentalism that translates into flyskam (flight shame), which keeps Norwegians in the family cabin for the long vacations prescribed by law and charges 150 percent tax on gas guzzlers (which, Eilif observes, means more Teslas seen in one hour than in a year in Minnesota!).

From a passion for dugnad or community volunteerism and sakte or "slow," a rejection of the mad pace of modernity, to the commodification of Viking history and the dark side of Black Metal music that turns the idea of quaint, traditional Norway upside down, this idiosyncratic father and son tour lets readers, free of flyskam, see how, or whether, Norwegian happiness translates.

Cost: $22.95

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Contact info:

Title: "Hudson Bay Bound: Two Women, One Dog, Two Thousand Miles to the Arctic"

Author: Natalie Warren

Synopsis: This is the remarkable 85 day journey of the first two women to canoe the 2,000-mile route from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay, following the route made famous by Eric Sevareid in his 1935 classic "Canoeing with the Cree." Natalie Warren and Ann Raiho faced unexpected trials, some harrowing, some simply odd. But for the two friends there was one timeless challenge: the occasional pitfalls that test character and friendship. Join them as they meet the people who live and work on the waterways, including denizens of a resort who supply much-needed sustenance; a solitary resident in the wilderness who helps plug a leak; and the people of the Cree First Nation at Norway House, where the canoeists acquire a furry companion.

Cost: $24.95

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Contact info: