Duluth-based crime writer at library Tuesday


It's not always the case that a crowd-pleasing, best-selling author garners the praise of critics and readers alike. However, when that author writes crime thriller mysteries set in Duluth, it's not surprising that he has a large fan base in northern Minnesota.

Those fans and others are invited to meet writer Brian Freeman when he talks about his career as a writer of psychological thrillers at Cloquet Public Library at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Freeman was nominated for an Edgar and a Dagger award for his first novel, "Immoral," and his popularity has soared with each new book. "Immoral" introduced readers to Jonathan Stride, a Duluth police lieutenant, in what has become Freeman's most popular series locally.

"Booklist" opined that the internationally best-selling Scandinavian thrillers of recent years cannot compete with the "sheer wintry relentlessness and icebound desolation" of Freeman's atmospheric Duluth settings. "Publisher's Weekly" says Freeman's books are "masterfully plotted," and "Suspense Magazine" calls his characters "well-drawn." A reviewer for "BookReporter" says he was tempted to drive to Duluth to check out Freeman's gritty locations.

"Goodbye to the Dead" and "Marathon" are Freeman's latest entries in the Jonathan Stride series. Most of the characters have a troubled past, and lieutenant Stride deals with his own guilt for failing to stop the domestic abuse and murder of a female friend. Another series, set in San Francisco, centers on homicide detective Frost Easton, in an equally realistic, if often sordid, setting.

The Cloquet library's reading club will discuss Freeman's book "The Cold Nowhere" at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17.