Barney the Bigfoot visited Cloquet’s Super One, much to the surprise of shoppers, Friday, Sept. 27. The 7-foot-10 hairy beast could be seen standing in the parking lot of the supermarket.

Motorists' and pedestrians' eyes grew wide and mouths dropped open in surprise when they spotted the giant creature. A steady stream of people stopped by and had their photo taken with the giant, created by Kenneth Theisen, a taxidermist from Bigfork, Minn.

When asked how he came up with the idea, Theisen laughed.

“I did too many drugs when I was younger,” he said jokingly.

Theisen used six black bear hides contributed from customers and his seven brothers and three sisters, who also hunt, to build the taxidermy Bigfoot. The project took 1 ½ years to complete. He plans to make an entire Bigfoot family.

Theisen is originally from Cloquet and decided to stop by where one of his brothers works to surprise him. On Friday, he was getting ready to load the several hundred-pound Bigfoot into the back of his pickup truck and bring him to Harold's Service in Carlton.

The price tag for the giant beast is $30,000.