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Melinda Lavine

Features Reporter
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“I’m clearly not an art teacher; I’m just a high-schooler who’s passionate about art," Hartley Bauer said. Her actual high school art teacher begs to differ.
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“What we’ve done is decolonize the organization," Christina Woods said.
“If there’s any species that has every right not to trust anyone, it’s the buffalo," Don Solwold said. "That’s probably what draws me to them. They’re a noble animal."
“Candy-colored pink feels really fresh to me,” Lori Franklin said, waving her loaded paintbrush like a wand. Colorful cowgirl boots on her feet.
“It’s great we have this opportunity to buy a protein source from somebody down the road.”
A bowl the size of my head, but larger, arrived cradling a pool of lovely soup with green onions and meatballs poking the surface.
“When you put our art somewhere, that says that not only were we here, but we are still here, and more than that, we’re thriving communities full of richness, full of stories," Sarah Agaton Howes said.
At DuluCon, expect lightsaber fencing matches, a marimba player performing video game theme songs, a life-size Settlers of Catan board and more.
The South Korean survivalist thriller follows the desperate, financially ruined as they compete to the death in a series of children's games.
"I’ve tried to make myself open and vulnerable to learning from other people and their stories, and learning from the manoomin itself."