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Devlyn Brooks 2021

Devlyn Brooks


Devlyn Brooks is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and serves Faith Lutheran Church in Wolverton, Minn. He also works for Forum Communications Co., both as publisher of the Detroit Lakes Tribune, Perham Focus and Wadena Pioneer Journal, and also for Modulist, a Forum Communications Co.-owned company. He can be reached at devlyn.brooks@forumcomm.com for comments and story ideas.

“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” Say thank you to those mentors who shaped who you are today.
"Here in our success-driven world, we’ve come to hold up youth and vitality as the only coveted stages of life. So death has become something to fear; something from which to run. When in reality, death is one of the only truly equitable facets of our lives because it is inevitable for all of us."
Rally Sunday in decades past called for much more pageantry, including even parades! Not unlike how schools treat the start of fall school now.
"Looking up into the starry sky, I pondered, 'God had time to create not only our Milky Galaxy, but The Phantom Galaxy 32 million light years away, and an untold number of more galaxies in between … and yet our Creator is personally aware of me! How can that be?'”
Whether it’s coming together in a family’s loss or after a frightening medical diagnosis, or collectively celebrating the birth of a grandchild or the 90th birthday of a parent, faith communities offer a readily available and supportive extended family to endure life’s hurts and to magnify the joys.
"I didn’t want to forgive the thief who stole my wallet that I had left on top of our car in Colorado Springs, Colo., as we were returning from a family trip. I didn’t want to give up the anger. But, as the days have passed since the theft ... a magical transfiguration is taking place."
A summer trip offered a much greater appreciation of the vastness of God’s creation on earth, while also putting things into perspective.
"Much of the trouble with religion is that we’ve convinced ourselves that we can know an infinite God, a God who created the entire universe that is billions of years old and which still reveals mysteries to us that we cannot solve. And in our hubris, we believe we can also know all of the answers about faith, especially about who is right and, more importantly, who is wrong."
"While there are a great many serious things we need to manage in this earthly life, God does want us to enjoy life too! It is, after all, why he made joy and laughter and the lighter moments that help us celebrate a good life."
"Everyone who considers themselves a person of any faith, and also those who consider themselves a moral person but not religious, must understand that each of us is intricately woven into the fabric of creation. And when we fail to catch and to support those most struggling among us, we collectively fail creation’s larger family."