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When it comes to chair, commode height, one size doesn't fit all

To the Editor:

To administrators, business owners and politicians, I find it hard to believe that one size (regarding chair height) fits all in waiting rooms.

I realize after I broke my hip in July 2012 that some things should change in society and one is chairs in waiting rooms should be of two heights -- 18 inches as it is now, and 10 percent of them should be 22 inches high, especially (for) patients recovering (from) hip and knee surgery, and to accommodate tall people as well as grandmothers and grandfathers...and don't forget the armrest.

I have brought this to their attention and this is the answer I get: "We will put it in our next year's budget," or "It's not under our jurisdiction." That's a good way to kick the can down the [road]. This not a WANT, this is a NEED.

We can build atomic bombs, go to the moon, fly airplanes without pilots and start a war, plus drug companies (can) put together a group of herbs that can make an 84-year-old man who's just a bag of bones start to grow boobs [as a] side effect. How is that, and [yet] they can't add four inches to 10 percent of the chairs in waiting rooms?

What would the public say if we cut off four inches on all the chairs in all waiting rooms? How would the public respond then?

The commodes are so bad at Community Memorial Hospital they don't [even] belong in a scrap pile. The comment was made they aren't man-friendly -- and they sure aren't. I would think after surgery the administrator would want the patient to have the most convenient and comfortable commode made, with armrests and toilet paper holders, in their time of need. Whoever designed those toilet paper holders should be tarred and feathered, and run down main street in Cloquet!

Oh there is some good news. I am recovering from hip surgery, but it has been a long, painful educational ride.

I must give thanks to the aides, nurses and doctors for the good care, and also to the Franciscan Health Care Center at Park Point for their quick response to my complaint.

Marvin Benson, Mahtowa