To the Editor:

To the Carlton County Board of Commissioners: I have read the Draft Carlton County Assembly Ordinance and I am appalled at the arrogance and/or ignorance on display by the promotion of such an ordinance.

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I will summarize the words of the “NOW THEREFORE item 1” of the draft ordinance.

“No person shall assemble 300 or more people upon a site whether public or private unless given permission.”

Please read the above summary again and let this concept sink into your brain.

Questions: What country do we live in? Do we live in a county “of the people” or do we live in a county “of the government”?

I will summarize the words of the “Whereas” of the draft ordinance.

“A large assembly of people creates a burden therefore it is necessary to control such assemblies.”

Are you aware that having liberty is burdensome? Liberty is not a free. Liberty is worked for and has duties and has responsibilities.

The right to assemble is often combined with the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to petition the government to form an idea often called the Freedom of Association.

Freedom of Association is defined as the right of people to meet together to further their common goals.

The Freedom of Assembly is recognized to be of utmost importance if Americans are to be successful in maintaining a government of the people.

The Bill of Rights, written as it was by revolutionaries, was intended to prevent the government from restricting future social movements.

Those who are promoting the draft ordinance are promoting it based upon the argument that passing such an ordinance will prevent a future lawsuit against the county (possible future lawsuit due to an injury at an assembly). I propose to you that if said ordinance does become reality then the county will most certainly be burdened with massive monetary lawsuits due to Constitutional rights violations. Those who believe in liberty will become very rich from Carlton County’s funds by winning a Constitutional rights lawsuit.

There is only one arena where one’s Constitutional rights may be considered to be reduced and/or eliminated. That arena is in the court of law by a jury of one’s peers. This arena provides what is called “due process.”

Having this draft ordinance become a reality will not provide “due process” and will create a very effective argument in the court of law for those who believe in liberty.

Please do the citizens of Carlton County, which you represent, a favor by sending this draft ordinance to the garbage can where it belongs.

“However widespread the desire to be free, it is wholly different from the desire to live in a society where others are free.” – Thomas Sowell     


Robin Mathews, Moose