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Community group to discuss consolidation of Carlton, Wrenshall schools

To the Editor:

A group of like-minded citizens have met recently to discuss the options available for the communities of Wrenshall and Carlton in the education of their children. People belonging to this group are in support of a full, respectful and honest discussion of consolidating schools or entering into a formal, cooperative agreement between the two school districts.

This group, Carlton and Wrenshall Schools Consolidation (also known as CAWS) is interested in supporting excellence in our children’s overall educational experience, including academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and special needs programming while at the same time encouraging a discussion with taxpayers on how we can make the best decisions possible with our tax dollars.

Ours is an ambitious goal: to complete a comprehensive study by the end of the year on the feasibility of combining the Wrenshall and Carlton school districts.

Both school boards are in the process of being engaged in the discussion and our work has just begun. Anyone with an interest in this topic who is open to a respectful dialogue is welcome to attend CAWS meetings. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 23, at 6 p.m. in Carlton, in the former Cozy restaurant.

We strongly believe that our school boards need to sit down and look at ways they can work together.

Kyle Holmes, Wrenshall Class of 1996

Rob Kavanaugh, Carlton Class of 1983