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Barnum resident amuses with skeleton crew

Friday's scene in Amanda Agurkis front yard was from a late 1970's musical featuring a foreign exchange student and a "greaser". Jamie Lund/Pine Journa1 / 4
Three blind mice was the Tuesday, Oct. 23, Halloween theme in Amanda Agurkis' front yard. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal2 / 4
This creepy arachnid is part of a front yard Halloween scene in Barnum. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal3 / 4
Amanda Agurkis and husband, Mark, pose with her pirate posse skeleton crew in her Barnum front yard. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal4 / 4

Amanda Agurkis of Barnum was bored with the standard Halloween yard decorations and decided to shake things up a bit.

This year, she is decorating in the theme of "31 days of Halloween," inspired by Elf on a Shelf. Agurkis scours thrift stores for bargain deals, such as the pirate outfit she wore for the photo with her front-yard scene.

Agurkis changes her skeleton crew scene every day, providing much amusement for neighbors and those driving past her house on 3747 Main St.

"I guess my imagination must run wild," Agurkis said.

Her house is covered by a giant spider web and spider skeletons as well as a huge spider about 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

"My favorite scene is yet to come," Agurkis said.

Past scenes include firefighters, including a skeleton dalmatian dog for Fire Prevention Week, a rodeo, a superhero scene and a "Singing in the Rain" scene, complete with umbrella.