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Snow sculpture depicts legendary local squeezeboxer

Accordion player Lorren Lindevig sits next to his drummer Mark Macham in the snow last week after Tim Young Sr. crafted a sculpture in Lindevig's likeness. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal

Local legend Lorren Lindevig smiled last week at the snow sculpture of himself playing the accordion in his front yard.

Lindevig has been playing polka for decades around northern Minnesota, including weddings, senior gatherings and much more. Health issues have caused him to slow down substantially in recent years.

Tim Young Sr., a local snow sculpture artist wanted to honor the octogenarian musician. He waited until all of the elements came together.

"The snow pile has been sitting here since December," Young said. Finally, in March there was an additional accumulation of snow and warmer temperatures to create the perfect sticky snow for a sculpture.

"It looks like him, especially the smile," Mark Macham said. He has been a drummer in Lindevig's band for several years.

Lindevig said he was surprised and pleased by the sculpture.