The Friends of Animals building in Cloquet has been sold and the nonprofit organization is in the process of dissolving.

According to accountant Ken Muckala, the final paperwork was signed April 9.

The building sold for $110,000. About $85,600 paid off the building's debt, leaving $13,778 to pay the last of the bills as they come in.

According to Mary Nelson, FOA interim director and board president, the money will be donated to other pet rescues in need of help.

"There were little to no animal supplies by the time the sale was final," Nelson said. A sale was held several months ago to sell leftover supplies, like animal dishes, kennels and desks.

An auctioneer sold the bigger-ticket items, such as the laundry machines, and kept 30 percent of the proceeds.

"All it would have taken was $24 per household and we would have had enough to run the shelter," Muckala said.

After about 35 years, the Friends of Animals sold sold its building in 2016 and purchased the building on Avenue B and 10th Street. That year, 792 animals were brought into FOA, and 549 of those were strays.

The building was remodeled, and staff and animals were moved into the new facility in 2017, before it was completed.

In a surprise move, the FOA Board of Directors decided to close the facility in August 2018, a little over a year after the shelter opened. The original intent was to decrease costs while continuing to fundraise and collect donations to pay off the $90,000 debt, then reopen at a later date.

According to Nelson, once the facility closed, the donations dried up and left the debt. In January, the building was put up for sale.

Nelson said the FOA must dissolve its 501(c) nonprofit status with the Minnesota Attorney General.

"We have to ensure all of our bills and everything is squared away before we do," she said. "As a 501(c), any money left has to be donated out."