More than 200 pets microchipped at Cloquet drive-thru event

Carlton County and the city of Cloquet contributed $40,000 for the annual microchip event in Cloquet.

Freya sniffs curiously as Shannon Steele prepares a micro chip for the six month old mix breed pup. Owner Jessica Armstrong said she wants the micro chip to ensure that Freya will find her way back home if she gets lost. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal

Curious mix breeds, labradors and even cats looked around from the safety of their owners' vehicles lined up at Veterans Park Saturday, Sept. 19 for the third annual Carlton County Free Microchip Event.

Cloquet Police Department Officer Laci Silgjord said the event was a success, with 210 dogs and cats microchipped. Of those, 201 were Carlton County residents. Nine pets were from outside the county, and their owners paid a fee for the services. Silgjord said many spay/neuter vouchers were also handed out to encourage residents to have their pets fixed to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals in the area.

“Law enforcement appreciates when pets are microchipped as it helps us reunite the pets much quicker to their families,” said Silgjord.

Stephan Shaymanski gives his 3-year-old mix breed, Shadow, a pep talk at the drive-thru pet microchip event Saturday, Sept. 19. Shaymanski said the young dog is not a fan of shots. In the end, the volunteer put a muzzle on her just to be safe. (Jamie Lund / Pine Journal)


The event is a collaboration between the police department, Carlton County, the city of Cloquet and Northern Lakes Rescue.

Shannon Steele, founder of the rescue and a volunteer at the event, said she was a bit apprehensive at the idea of a drive-thru clinic at first, but she was impressed with how smooth everything went once it started.

The city of Cloquet and Carlton County budgeted a combined $40,000 for the event, Silgjord said. Officials set aside that amount for Friends of Animals Humane Society before the shelter closed. Now they continue to help local animals by putting the money towards the annual microchip event, Silgjord said.

Max, a domestic shorthair cat, tries to look around a volunteer who is preparing to microchip him during a clinic Saturday, Sept. 19 in Cloquet. Alex Sims said she brought her two cats to get microchipped as a precaution in case they get lost. (Jamie Lund / Pine Journal)

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