High Praise for Senator Jason Rarick

This letter is paid content. On November 14th a newspaper article ran stating that Michelle Lee would be running for office in District 11. Currently Jason Rarick has been doing a superb job as our District 11 representative. I am so impressed with his achievements of the first middle class tax cut in two decades, passing of the hand-free cell phone law, delivering $40 million in rural broadband expansion, historic investments in the K-12 schools, just to name a few achievements. Additionally, with Jason’s help, the proposed 20 cent per gallon tax increase, nursing home funding cuts, single payer government run health care proposal was stopped. I have had the privilege to get to know Jason as he has been a regular participant in our local parades, picnics, and during his availability to speak at requested events. With the possibility of losing our current Medicare to expansion, I for one am glad that he will be there for me along with being a spokesman for farmers, construction and union members. I am looking forward to continuing to have Jason Rarick representing District 11 and he will continue to have my vote.

Ceceal Anderson

Barnum, MN