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Photos: Winter wonderland – finally

Niingoosis Olson, 7, laughs as he steers the old-fashioned wooden toboggan. His nephew, Emeliano, 5, and Teri Lind hold on as they slide down the taller hill at Pinehurst Park in Cloquet on Thursday, Dec. 27. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal1 / 8
The bow and light add a pop of color to a monochromatic day Thursday, Dec. 27. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal2 / 8
Siblings Frances Langer, 4, and Simon, 7, have a great time skiing at Pine Valley Sunday, Dec. 30, with their brother, Isaiah, 9, who is behind them on the trail. They played as their father worked on the ski hill. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal 3 / 8
Kids ride the tow rope up the hill at Pine Valley in Cloquet on Sunday, Dec. 30. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal4 / 8
The sidewalk on Cloquet Avenue takes a more festive look after almost a foot of snow fell Thursday, Dec. 27. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal5 / 8
A plow pushes snow to clear roads on a side street in Cloquet on a picturesque winter day Thursday, Dec. 27. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal6 / 8
Anthony Wright, 12; Kristofor Cloud, 11; and Keean Cloud, 9, build a nearly 5-foot-tall snowman at the bottom of Pinehurst Park hill in Cloquet. Their uncle had to help lift the body and place it on the bottom because it was so heavy. The boys said they were bored and wanted to do something. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal7 / 8
Cousins Johnathan Johnson, 9, and Keira Ammesonaki, 5, started out building snowmen, but ended up with snow towers instead. The kids were playing at Pinehurst Park as the snow kept coming down in Cloquet on Thursday, Dec. 27. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal8 / 8

This winter's first storm dropped 12.5 inches of snow in Cloquet on Thursday, Dec. 27. Elsewhere, 24 inches of snow fell in Finland and Lutsen; McGregor had 19.2 inches; Mahtowa had 11.5 inches; and Superior had just 5.

Overnight from Sunday, Dec. 30, to New Year's Eve morning, another 4.2 inches of snow fell in Cloquet. The weather locally was part of a strong arctic cold front blanketing the northern Great Plains.