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Dog-gone good time

German shorthair pointers Hazel and Harlow enthusiastically wrestle over a training dummy for bird hunting during the Doggie Dip on Sunday, Aug. 27, at Pinehurst Park. Michelle and Beau Bauer, who own Hazel, and Hannah and Mitch Rosendahl, who own Harlow, are trying to teach Hazel how to jump into the water and retrieve the dummy by watching Harlow. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal1 / 4
Two dogs play in the Pinehurst Park pool Sunday, Aug. 26, as their owners watch nearby. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal2 / 4
Siberian husky mix Sasha gets a drink of water after playing with the other dogs during the Doggie Dip. Her favorite playmate is her sister, Simone. The dogs are owned by Nova and Mark Budisalovien of Duluth. It was the dogs first time attending the Doggie Dip."It's a great place for dogs to play in the water and they can't run off because of the fence," Nova said. She said because the dogs are a husky mix, they like to run and can be difficult to catch. JamieLund/Pine Journal3 / 4
Winnie, a 2-year-old Boston terrier, enjoys splashing in the pool during the third annual Doggie Dip. Her owner, Denise McNeil, of Duluth, brought Winnie two years ago to the first Doggie Dip. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal4 / 4

The third annual Doggie Dip at The Beach at Pinehurst Park was a hit with dogs and humans once again. This day is for dogs only, people are not allowed to swim during this event.

The pool is opened to the dogs after it closes for the season for people and before it is drained for the winter.

Forty-two dogs played and dashed after each other as they barked excitedly. Breeds ranging from Boston terriers, to golden retrievers, to a Bernese mountain dog participated.

Cloquet residents Michelle and Beau Bauer brought their German shorthaired pointer, Hazel, to play with her "boyfriend," Harlow. They encouraged the duo to jump in after a training dummy tossed by Mitch Rosendahl.

Rosendahl and his wife, Hannah, own Harlow, also a German shorthaired pointer. While Harlow was excited to leap into the water and retrieve the floating toy, Hazel stopped at the pool's edge and watched him curiously. Hazel was no dummy. When he got close, she jumped into the water and wrestled the training duck from Harlow, then ran triumphantly with her prize as everyone laughed.

Several owners commented on how nice it was to have the fenced-in pool for the dogs to play, if only for a day. Many had attended the event in the past; most said they already had next year's date marked on their calendar.

The event has attracted around 40 dogs each year since it started three years ago. Proof of vaccinations is required.

"There have not been any issues in the last three years," employee Bree O'Brien said. "We have not had to kick anyone out for not behaving."

The Beach at Pinehurst Park is now closed for the season. There were 15,778 user visits this summer, which is about average, Cloquet Community Education Director Ruth Reeves said.