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Moose Lake rocks the agate

Louisa Harri, 3, enjoys digging with her shovel during the Clark-Olsen Agate Stampede on Saturday, July 14. Jana Peterson / jpeterson@pinejournal.com1 / 4
Roger Peterson, a dealer from Roseville, Minn., explains from behind a beautiful Brazilian agate at Agate Days in Moose Lake how agates are formed. Jana Peterson / jpeterson@pinejournal.com2 / 4
Thousands of people lined Elm Street in downtown Moose Lake for a chance to find 400 pounds of agates and quarters hidden within two truck loads of gravel dumped down the middle of the street at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 14. While there were locals there, like Chamber junior ambassador Danny Whited, who helped keep the crowds back from the street until it was time, many of the visitors came from out of town. Jana Peterson / jpeterson@pinejournal.com3 / 4
Mo’R Designs of Roseville, Minn., had pendants made from sliced-up fossils for sale during Agate Days, along with Tiger Eye and many other gems. Jana Peterson / jpeterson@pinejournal.com4 / 4

Each year, thousands of people gather in Moose Lake in celebration of a certain type of rock: the Lake Superior agate.

They came again Saturday, July 14, many of them armed with rubber gloves and spray bottles of water and carrying buckets, ready for the mad scramble that is the Clark-Olsen Agate Stampede.

Louisa Harri, 3, was in the midst of the crowd, happily shoveling rocks into buckets. Her father, Ben, of St. Paul, took a more discriminating approach, actually looking at the rocks before showing her or dropping them into the bucket.

"My wife and I came for Agate Days before they were born," he said. "And we've wanted to come back ever since."