Carlton County DAV still accepting donations

The organization will take donations of clothes and shoes until its storage container is full.

DAV member and volunteer Vern Chaney throws another bag of garbage sorted out from usable donations out of the storage container Monday, April 6. There is also a trailer full of garbage behind the truck ready to head to the dump. The volunteers spend 6-8 hours sorting through donations and taking the trash out. Chaney said he saw engine parts and duct work mixed with donations. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal

The Carlton County Chapter 18 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) are still accepting donations of clothes and shoes at their 24 green box locations even though Savers is closed.

The for-profit thrift store pays organizations like the DAV for donated goods. Savers pay the DAV 39 cents per pound for the bags of clothing. The COVID-19 pandemic forced Savers to close.

Sr. Vice Commander Gary Dahl, 77, said the DAV sets aside some of the donations for their two rummage sales held each year, but the spring sale in May has been canceled this year.

Right now, the DAV stores donations in one of two storage containers. Volunteer Vern Chaney said they spend six to eight hours going through the donations each month and sorting out garbage residents throw into the bins.

Once the containers are full, Dahl said he hopes Savers will be able to send a truck from the Twin Cities to pick up the donations. If not, the DAV may need to stop accepting donations temporarily.


“Lately it seems like everyone is home and cleaning out their closet,” he said.

The DAV has a little money saved up, but they have expenses for vehicles and maintenance that are eating into their savings, Dahl said.

In the last few months, the organization has received a handful of calls from Carlton County veterans who need assistance with rent, vehicle repairs and other help. The DAV provides pick-up service for veterans who have items to donate, in addition to providing items veterans may need.

“We’re still out helping veterans,” Dahl said.

The Disabled Veterans of Carlton County store items in this 100 foot long storage container. Some has been picked up from residents who have donated, other bags are clothes from the DAV green donation boxes for clothes and shoes. The items normally end up at Savers, but Savers is closed right now. The DAV will continue to pick up donations until the container is full, then they will no longer accept donations. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal

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