Longtime Barnum resident Linda Langness, is well known for her dedication to the community. She has been volunteering since childhood, and has continued to do so in every chapter of life. Now in her golden years, she makes it her mission to assist in keeping Barnum looking nice and inviting, and making the community better for those who call Barnum home.

Langness' heart for the community was evidenced in part by her passion to link arms with other local residents and revive the once-closed Barnum Senior Center. Today, she and her "silver hair crew" continue to enhance the building and grounds. The Center once again serves as a gathering place for older adults to connect, as well as a venue for fundraisers and events. Langness can also be found serving at her church, the Barnum Area Community Club, the Carlton County Fair, assisting with the Spring Fever Days committees and decorating for the holidays. And, she is always around to help with cleanup!

For over 30 years, Langness has taken it upon herself to lend a hand with landscaping, trimming, weeding, raking, and planting in the community. She regularly works on the grounds at the senior center, the city park, and the community church. When she sees an area that needs some TLC, she takes care of it.

Langess has had a lifelong passion for reading and encourages others, of all ages, to delve into the literary world. She has spent years shelving books at the local schools, and especially enjoys helping students keep their minds strong and growing by helping them find new adventures on the library shelves.

Langness is known to befriend everyone she meets and is quick to meet any need she sees. Some even fondly refer to her as "St. Linda," for graciously sharing part of her bountiful garden harvest each year. Langness says she receives personal satisfaction from serving the community, and was honored as the recipient of the 2016 Carlton County Outstanding Female Senior Citizen Award. Thank you, Linda, for giving selflessly to make the community of Barnum an inviting and special place to live.