Wood City Lights and Hardware store located on Cloquet Avenue is set to close its doors this spring.

Julie Havercamp, who owns the store with her husband, John, said the decision to close came as a result of the store's supplier no longer offering smaller orders.

With a $100,000 order minimum, Havercamp said they could no longer compete with larger chains.

The store has been housed in the current building for about seven years, according to Havercamp, with 15 years spent in a Scanlon location.

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While she said she has always managed to make business work, Havercamp said she felt it was time to be done with the store, and she recently sold the building.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a bit of a business boost, but she explained that sales have always been difficult when competing with bigger brands.

According to an online post, the store will be holding a sale with 30% off storewide starting Monday, Feb. 8. Havercamp said the sale percentage will increase as spring gets closer, with an auction to be held eventually.

Wood City Lights and Hardware currently employs one part-time employee.

Havercamp said she plans to find other work after maybe taking some time off.