NAME: Buskala’s Jewelry & Gifts Too!

CURRENT OWNER: John and Joanne Buskala


FOUNDER: John Buskala

LOCATION: 1010 Cloquet Ave.

Interesting facts

  • Founder John Buskala immigrated to the U.S. from Finland.
  • He began his jewelry business on the front porch of his home in 1881.
  • The building was rebuilt after the 1918 fire.
  • He was multilingual: He spoke English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish.
  • The current owner, John Buskala, is the founder's great-grandson.
  • If you hadn't figured it out yet, they share a name.
  • Current owner John Buskala's grandfather spoke often about how the store's founder would translate among immigrants as they worked out a deal.
  • “He was kind of a character,” John said about his great-grandfather.
  • Great-grandson John Buskala is the fourth generation to own and operate the family business.