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Super Bowl hats made in Cloquet

These hats are by Wear Knit in Cloquet specifically for the Super Bowl. Contributed photo

Cloquet's connection to the Super Bowl LII comes through a quiet little business located behind the Washington Car Wash.

Wear-a-Knit has been supplying local high school and youth sports teams with hats and mittens for 19 years. The small business expanded to colleges and schools across the country. Now it's supplying hats for the Super Bowl.

A customer of Wear-a-Knit, Askov-Finlayson, has been ordering "North" hats for many years. The owner, Eric Dayton is also on the board of directors for the Super Bowl. The slogan for the Super Bowl is "Bold North." And a connection is made.

Askov-Finlayson put in a large order of "North" hats in several colors last fall. The company changes designs every year. They made hats specifically to give to Super Bowl volunteers and purple hats for VIP members.

Target also ordered Super Bowl hats in various colors.

Wear-a-Knit owner Dave Leslie joked that he is not on the VIP list.

"We had a busy fall," Leslie said. "It's been interesting."

Wear-a-Knit made 19,000 hats total for the Super Bowl and shipped them in December. The large order called for extra work for Leslie's employees.

"I have great people working for me," Leslie said.

Now that word about the company has gotten out, Wear-a-Knit is receiving more orders from the Twin Cities.