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CMH nurses are real 'dolls'

Barbie and Ken dolls are dressed up to resemble their human counterparts as part of a contest during Nurses Week. The dolls were given haircuts and styled, and even a mustache was glued on to make them look like male and female nurses at Community Memorial Hospital. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal1 / 3
The group of Barbies-turned-nurses stand ready for a contest at Community Memorial Hospital. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal2 / 3
In honor of Nurses Week, about 40 Barbie dolls underwent makeovers. The dolls were made to look like male and female nurses at Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet. A contest was held to see who could match the most dolls to the nurses they represented. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal3 / 3

Nurses are known for being hardworking and logging long hours. Last week, Community Memorial Hospital nurses in Cloquet decided to have some fun — they played with Barbie dolls.

In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, CMH nurses enjoyed a lighthearted contest. The mastermind of the event, registered nurse Deb Kucera, purchased several Barbie dolls. With the help of nurse Karen Schwinn, the Barbies received makeovers in the likeness of male and female nurses at CMH, both in appearance and clothing style.

"We cut their hair and took a Sharpie to color the hair if we had a blonde Barbie and needed dark hair," Schwinn said. "It was pretty hilarious."

Dolls had their hair cut into bobs and pulled back into ponytails. Mustaches were glued on. There was a Barbie holding a chicken and even a pregnant doll.

Nearly 40 dolls were displayed on a table. The nurses organized a contest to see who could get the most correct matches between Barbies and their real-life twin. Housekeepers and a technician also did their best with the match game.

Etta Souder was the winner, but Schwinn said the game itself was also a winner.

All that week, nurses organized another contest where they dressed in retro uniforms. Leah Jerzak won the contest.