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Wrenshall farm hosts breakfast for 1,000 guests

Ryan Farrelly feeds his daughter, Zoey, while son, Lincoln, eats and wife, Misty, visits. Photo courtesy Kim Samuelson1 / 4
Anne Dugan takes great joy in her son Ellis's happiness with his "cow balloon." Photo courtesy Kim Samuelson 2 / 4
Kristin Reinsche and her children – Emma, Owen and Evelyn – were among many were tried milking the "wooden cow." Photo courtesy Kim Samuelson3 / 4
Rainwater demonstration by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service drew a crowd. Photo courtesy Kim Samuelson4 / 4

About 1,000 adults and children started their Saturday, June 23, the right way: with a breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes; a chance to visit old and new friends and neighbors in the community; a beautiful sunny and warm day; and the opportunity to get up close to some cute small and big animals.

The number of people who enjoyed Breakfast on the Farm at Duane and Doreen Laveau's farm in rural Wrenshall was more than doubled from the 400 who attended last year. Many thanks to those who were involved in the diligent planning, promotion, and work to make this a highly successful day!.

Although there were lots of people and lots of children, nobody felt crowded or rushed, and there was lots of time to enjoy watching the animals and children react to each other and, of course, to learn more about life on a farm.

Besides breakfast and animals, at this year's event, you could sample different kinds of locally-made cheeses; find out about joining a local community-supported agriculture farm; make a few children's crafts; purchase local honey; pick up some freebies, including cow balloons; watch a milking demonstration; entice kids to milk a "wooden" cow; and, of course, pet lots of different animals.

There was even an awesome demonstration that showed how much rain water runs off or sinks into different types of fields, from a hayfield to fields with corn stubble to fields bare of any vegetation or stubble.

All in all, it was a wonderful day with lots to see and touch and learn. What a better way to start a summer morning than with blue skies and sunshine, great conversation, happy families, cute kids, contented animals and a delicious breakfast made by someone else.