Even though business is booming, Tom Romundstad is ready to retire - again.

"Every week is a record setting week (in sales)," Romundstad said.

Romundstad and his wife, Jodi Polo, have sold Gramma Polo's Bottle Shoppe in Scanlon to Kwik Trip Truck Stop and Convenience Store. Kwik Trip will take over the store May 1.

Gramma Charlotte Polo owned and worked at the liquor store that she opened in 1947 until she retired at age 90.

The tropical girl on the building sign is a caricature from a photo of Gramma Polo in her early 20s. The photo was snapped during a costume party where she was wearing the grass skirt her brother gave her.

Almost every day, someone who comes in asks how Gramma Polo is doing, Romundstad said. He said she is doing fine at 98 years old.

Romundstad and Polo bought the store from Polo's grandmother when she retired. Romundstad said he wanted a challenge to keep him busy, and it did.

The original small, wood building was replaced in 2014 when Kwik Trip moved in next door. The new liquor store has an open concept and is about 1,500 feet larger than the original.

Romundstad had just retired from St. Louis County, where he worked with energy conservation and sustainability, including solar panels. He was excited to use his knowledge to create the current building to be as energy efficient as possible.

Romundstad is proud of constructing the new building in two months while continuing to work at the old building.

"I did not miss a day of work," he said.

One of the unique features of the store is a "beer cave" walk-cooler that uses the winter weather to stay cool. There is LED lighting and solar panels on the roof to help keep utility costs low.

"Minnesota Power uses this building as an example of what can be done," Romundstad said. "I paid $227 for electric last month."

The interior has a Caribbean vibe, including the music. Romundstad said he was thinking about Key West, Fla., when he chose the decor. The theme is evident from the tropical colors on the walls, giant flip-flops, beach balls and an antique boat motor from his own collection.

There is also a life-size pirate inside the front door, with two surfboards leaning nearby. The surfboards are covered with hundreds of signatures from customers around the world who stopped in over the years.

His black Labrador retriever, Chica, accompanies Romundstad to work and enjoys greeting customers who come into the store.

While Romundstad has enjoyed working at the store, he decided it's time for him to really retire.

There are several things Romundstad will miss after leaving the family business, like the Friday evening tastings with local breweries and the live music.

"I always have live music with people like Kraig James Music and Jesse Peebles when he comes back north from the Keys, where he plays during the winter months," Romundstad said. "I'll be out in my stockroom unpacking truckloads of product and pricing it all and I hear the fun and music going on out on the floor at our tasting station."

His first morning of his second retirement, Romundstad will be sitting on the end of the dock and watching the sunrise as he sips his coffee and dreaming of his next adventure - possibly sailing the Caribbean on one of his 12 boats.